Gaining Super Powers 2
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    Buttered Side Down

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    • David Williams
      David Williams

      Hi your is being super amazing

    • blood nightmare(iamnotsyafi)
      blood nightmare(iamnotsyafi)


    • Windows XP • 8 years ago
      Windows XP • 8 years ago

      Hell yeah!


      I alr did

    • erik no fake !
      erik no fake !

      l ol thi is good !!!

  • Debra Chaplin
    Debra Chaplin

    How are you doing all these videos?

  • Fun media commercials
    Fun media commercials

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  • Fun media commercials
    Fun media commercials

    Qué bueno que se me voy de vacaciones y no te de antes no me acuerdo que me dijo es D de los años que bueno que se puede hacer una ensalada y me dijo es un par la fuente del y me acuerdo de los años en el de antes y cinnamon y no se puede ni se me dijo y no te es la fuente del de la de antes y cinnamon que no me voy a estar de los de los años con un par de la de los años que me dijo que bueno por ahora nada eu te olvides del y me dijo que no se me dijo es de los de antes de la fuente de los de antes de los dos que me acuerdo que bueno es que no me acuerdo que bueno por si no se si me voy a estar de los años con los chicos de la misma fecha para la misma persona y cinnamon que me acuerdo que a buscar y cinnamon de el es en efectivo o no se puede hacer una ensalada y me voy y me [Música] Qué lindo día de la misma persona que me voy y cinnamon que no me voy a [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] Qué lindo día de los abuelos que bueno es que bueno por el de la misma persona cinnamon de la misma persona [Música] Parque la esquina del de antes no me acuerdo el de los dos y no se si es la fuente y me dijo y me voy a buscar la de antes de antes de la fuente de la fuente del de antes y no te gusta que bueno es la e en una ensalada el es el e y e la de antes de la misma persona que es un no te olvides en [Música] Qué lindo día de antes no se me dijo que me voy a buscar a esa es un no te de los de el es la fuente y no se me acuerdo de

  • Fun media commercials
    Fun media commercials

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  • I don’t know what to do
    I don’t know what to do

    What happened to his pet rock after the explosion

  • karim6836

    butter is my fav bread flavor xdd

  • Tunnel

    Steps litting

  • Sen X
    Sen X

    i have a Feeling he has 2 Homes

  • Piyapruk Jothaisong
    Piyapruk Jothaisong

    I Can Do T

  • 5LUCASBR5 Pro nível 100
    5LUCASBR5 Pro nível 100

    Hesnig Power

  • the first time is very excited
    the first time is very excited

    Game of Thrones

  • Umashankari Nagarajan
    Umashankari Nagarajan

    Part 3

  • Belen Romano
    Belen Romano


  • MJ Llave
    MJ Llave

    the super strength can be good if you have a power disble

  • Fun media commercials
    Fun media commercials

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  • Fun media commercials
    Fun media commercials

    Oh no worries and thanks again and thanks for your time 😽😽 the take come on Samsung And not good hmm [Music] Pet rock

  • Fun media commercials
    Fun media commercials

    Everyone is the take I have to be egg 😅😅 the show the client is not available Welcome to back moments of popsicle stick with the superpowers the take come back to you can see the beautiful weather the take home salary Plato's the same account up playbush what I will help us yay let's Samsung tablet sent to inthe take home the next few days to play heroes of the take home 🏘️ 11 15 the same you o the take Boyfriend oh no uhhhhhh

  • braedon cheek parts
    braedon cheek parts

    no fwlwl

  • Deadreaper 29
    Deadreaper 29



    Pls super powers 3!!!! +1

  • harish varma
    harish varma


  • Rabia Khanam
    Rabia Khanam

    50th sgŕffff I'm going anyway again i am kidding

  • Rabia Khanam
    Rabia Khanam

    Fast fast run run grno nooooiii wait some minutes will explode head of your friends

  • alind alko
    alind alko


  • Darren MK
    Darren MK

    His power bill before the super speed : normal His poer bill after the super speed : sky rockets

  • Vlad & Barney
    Vlad & Barney

    0:46 You look funny when the drawer flies.

  • Kate Watts
    Kate Watts

    Make a park free

  • Juliana Duarte
    Juliana Duarte

    0:59 que é assim!

  • Filip Łukaszewicz
    Filip Łukaszewicz

    he should have fixed the reality hole by just getting the uno reverse card.

  • last fortress
    last fortress


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft

    What she is doing?

  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft

    It’s going faster and faster and faster and it’s exploding!

  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft

    Oh uh?

  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft


  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft

    Oh my god

  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft

    Do they cover?

  • JoSa craft
    JoSa craft

    No not the ads

  • Marcus Alexander Brown
    Marcus Alexander Brown


  • Just Another Light Fan
    Just Another Light Fan

    The super speed one was a good joke but the orginal one hits harder

  • Soisto

    i love how he gets everything he needs from his drawer

  • Binu Aulakh
    Binu Aulakh

    Ganing super power 3

  • ประวิทย์ แก้วโคจร
    ประวิทย์ แก้วโคจร


  • BabyManny Ram
    BabyManny Ram

    I like pet rock part 3

  • BabyManny Ram
    BabyManny Ram

    Is it part 3?

  • Mathijs Van Walsum
    Mathijs Van Walsum

    Imagine turning a broom into splinters just by touching it

  • yuiokmb


  • Бриг Джексон
    Бриг Джексон


  • Cheeks11

    I will eat bread for everday in the morning! great video!

  • Bruh

    This is a parallel universe the real one is watching and controlling

  • O-O

    nice superpowers


    How is he doing like that its so hard to do it

  • Oxana Tabirta
    Oxana Tabirta


  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price

    I already subscribed and liked

  • B.V.M

    this is like henry stickman

  • zuriquelme zamhuri
    zuriquelme zamhuri


  • Regina Paya Adan
    Regina Paya Adan

    Dont ever try this at home

  • Chustine Quiell
    Chustine Quiell

    1:46 that is what it looks like when u activated ur super speed

  • Herivan Junior
    Herivan Junior


  • Phathiswa Mzulwini
    Phathiswa Mzulwini

    OMG 👁👄👁

  • Alex & Steve
    Alex & Steve

    0:46 mom:can you give me the spoon me:ok

  • 구본근

    Minecraft wait what meme part 23

  • mightyroskai28plays

    2:19 dead

  • ma. lutgarda manuel
    ma. lutgarda manuel

    2:59 Oh What the heck you can hear the Father laughing baby crying and screaming

  • Nicole Veras
    Nicole Veras


  • Edna Go
    Edna Go


  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price

    The video is funny

  • Nothing Nowhere
    Nothing Nowhere

    Fabric of reality is actually 100% duct tape, when you break it, the duct tape stretches to close the hole, however, if there is a duct tape which is not viewed by anyone at the moment in the reality, it will use it to fix itself. And that's ladies and gentlemen is the reason why I should not ever log onto the internet ever again.

    • Nothing Nowhere
      Nothing Nowhere

      This us also the reason why duct tape sometimes just disappears with seemingly no reason.

  • ShadyBlox

    If you can rip a Whole in the fabric of reality, maybe he can manipulate it.

  • Howtokids

    Wow 🍞 you my sandwich

  • Blackchannel

    0:38 [FAKE] Mr. Mister Gummibär Version Português CavlTbbeddI Gummybear Parizaki Roblox, Greek 🇬🇷 Version (Καλώς ήλθατε στο Bloxburg) 0:38 Fj3U4tuAV6U

  • Discard

    u should be breadman

  • mostapha chaarani2007
    mostapha chaarani2007

    Marvel strike force is a game where we catch bugs and eat them lol

  • Cleusa Remedios
    Cleusa Remedios

    Eu to bem

  • Cleusa Remedios
    Cleusa Remedios


  • Sasatorn Kornmaneeroj
    Sasatorn Kornmaneeroj

    that look like baby 2 sounds

  • Christian Adams
    Christian Adams


  • samuel lavin
    samuel lavin

    Buttered side down vs howtobasic

  • Nur Hayati
    Nur Hayati

    I Love When Butter Side Down Editing Like Cool This 0:56 - 1:47 - 3:23

  • grub time
    grub time

    3:50 POV: youre under 5 foot

  • Roxanne Ragab Salem Saad
    Roxanne Ragab Salem Saad


  • Samson Sofie
    Samson Sofie


  • Talfumera

    Powers 3

  • Sash Slay
    Sash Slay

    I did!

  • Mordy 88
    Mordy 88


  • Ben kids maior
    Ben kids maior


  • Nguyen Quang Hoa
    Nguyen Quang Hoa

    bruh the network quality it so low. I can't watch this video clearly

  • Vijendra vareed
    Vijendra vareed

    01:30 pressing speed up button too fast!

  • At lest

  • Jhanett Garay
    Jhanett Garay

    Is he flippin every thing or is he really getting it or is he using a tik tok effect

  • Spartan375x

    0:52 Gravity Hammer sound.

  • Oliva Sabellena
    Oliva Sabellena

    How the who super powers?

  • محمد محمود
    محمد محمود

    1:40 the flash be like

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